Permaculture Design Certificate Course

When: April 22-May 6 2010

Cost: $600USD including three vegetarian meals per day and lodging

Language(s): Chinese, English translation available upon request

At the end of the course, participants will complete a project at Yamana Farm and receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. Participants are encouraged to arrive at the farm 1 or 2 days before the course begins. To sign up, please contact us.

For native English speakers, it may also be helpful to look at the "Earth User's Guide to Permaculture" before attending, or to bring a copy. The information in this book will underly much of the class material.  

Work Exchange: The cost of the class may be offset through a work-exchange program.  Volunteers working at the farm for 3 months before or after the course may attend the course free of charge.